Junk Food

Introducing Fast Food Babylon

Recently, my friend Meghan suggested that we add a feature on our sister website, FRIDAYNIGHTSALONE, where in addition to slinging sad, feelingsy music on the regular, we also talked about wherever pathetic, I’m-gonna-die-alone excuse for a meal we were wolfing down along with our feelings. While that seem just a little bit #TOOREAL for a music website, it did provide the germ of an idea for this website.

There is something wrong with me. When it comes to foodstuffs, I am a sucker for novelty. Often times, when I see a new fast food item advertised on TV or social media, my first reaction is “Oh man. That looks terrible.” My second reaction is: “I want to try it.”

It looks terrible. I know it’s going to be terrible. And yet I try it anyway – no doubt for the same reason that people sometimes feel compelled to stick their fingers in electrical sockets or smell food that’s obviously spoiled.

How powerful a force is morbid curiosity? Very powerful.

So, aided by a rotating cast of other folks with poor impulse control, we’ve decided to share our experiences with you, dear reader. Here at Fast Food Babylon, we’re going to try these things and report back on them so that you don’t have to. Let our missteps be your guide. Don’t try this at home. Save yourselves.



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